Dates & Prunes: All The Same? Sahara Date Company Says No!

December 23, 2016

Dates & Prunes: All The Same? Sahara Date Company Says No!

Dates, prunes, ah same difference…

Wait, what? No!

A prune is a prune. A date is a date.

And they’re not the same, but different.

While dates and prunes are similar in that they are both healthy, sweet fruits:

 They really are quite different. Perhaps the most basic difference between dates and prunes is this: A date is its own particular kind of fruit from the date palm tree, while what consumers most generally understand to be a prune is actually just a plum.

 What is a prune?

 Prunes were first cultivated for consumption in Asia, and belong to the species Prunus domestica. Where dried plums are also called prunes, the fruit is sticky and sweet with a pit that can be easily removed. They are plump purple when fresh, and wrinkled when dried. Prunes are often used in sweet and savory dishes alike, including stuffing and cakes.

 What is a date?

 Dates are the fruit of the Date Palm, or Phoenix dactylifera. This staple of Middle Eastern diet and cuisine is packed with minerals and vitamins and tons of fiber.    They have three times the potassium gram for gram than bananas.   The natural fructose with the fiber makes them a slow burning carb in your system making them the perfect little afternoon pick me up. Dates can be eaten fresh or dried.

 But wait, there’s more!

Adding dates to your diet delivers vitamins and minerals (selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron) that are necessary to maintain optimal health.   The primary vitamins in dates are the B vitamin family, with vitamin B-6 topping the list.  The B vitamins help with the metabolism of food and the formation of new blood cells.  Other vitamins include K and A.  Dates are also an excellent source of minerals, with potassium in the No. 1 spot.  Copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium phosphorous, iron and zinc complete the mineral profile.  The body only needs small amounts of minerals, but if it is depleted of any one, it can be disastrous to you health.  Snacking on dates can help you build up your body’s mineral stores.

Sahara Date Company sells dates.

Working with some of the oldest date farms in the world, Sahara Date Company provides a variety of premium dates straight from the Saudi oasis. Our dates will delight customers of all cultural backgrounds from the first bite to last.