Sahara Date Company Donates Dates to Refugee Families

May 24, 2017

Sahara Date Company Donates Dates to Refugee Families

Sahara Date Company recently partnered with Khaled Balajem, one of the co-founders of BRIDGE (Betterment of Refugees through Integration, Development, Guidance and Empowerment) America, a local organization run by volunteers who work to support and guide refugees, helping them transition and integrate into their new communities.  BRIDGE America began in late 2015, assisting two families.  That number has now grown to 185 families.  BRIDGE America partners with local universities, mosques, churches, and other non-profit organizations who share the same goal of helping refugee families.  These combined efforts, talents, and resources have led to many success stories: Syrian refugee families who are now self-sufficient with many more to follow.

For the second year, Sahara Date Company donated boxes of dates, to be distributed to 185 Syrian refugee families in Prince Georges County, Maryland.  With the holy month of Ramadan about to begin, Sahara Date Company was honored to play a small role in helping these families.  Dates are widely used to break the fast during Ramadan, and Sahara Date Company wanted to ensure that these refugee families had access to dates most especially during this holy month.

Sahara Date Company is a Vienna, Virginia-based small business founded by two cousins, Maile Ramzi and Jean Houpert.  Sahara Date Company imports the finest Saudi Arabian dates from some of the oldest date farms in the world to the United States, and is a supplier to Whole Foods Market and Harris Teeter in the Mid-Atlantic.