Our Story

Buy Saudi Arabian Dates Sahara Date Company was founded by two cousins—Maile Ramzi and Jean Houpert—with the simple goal of bringing the highest-quality, most delectable Saudi dates to people in the United States.

Maile’s penchant for dates began years ago when her Egyptian husband introduced her to the mouthwatering fruit. Her taste for fresh dates grew when she and her family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia—a place where date palms and date shops abound and where the fruit has cultural and dietary significance.

Dates soon became a central part of Maile’s life, providing nutrients not found in other foods, serving as a sign of hospitality among neighbors, and substituting for sugary processed foods for her children. After moving back to the United States in 2012, Maile began her search for a local date source, only to be disappointed in the flavor, assortment, and quality available in local markets.

Maile discussed her frustration with Jean, who also happened to fall in love with dates years before when Maile introduced her to them. As a runner, Jean found the nutrients in dates provided more fuel for her workouts than traditional foods and supplements. Dates had also become a popular snack for Jean’s family, a healthier option than many products available in the States. However, she too found the dates available in the United States to be lower quality than those Maile shared from Saudi Arabia.

Thus, the idea of Sahara Date Company was born, and the two women set to work to become the date source Maile had searched for in the United States. Working with a distributor with some of the oldest date farms in the world, Sahara Date Company provides a variety of premium dates straight from the Saudi oasis. We are confident our dates will delight customers of all cultural backgrounds—whether you are trying dates for the first time or grew up eating dates your entire life. Click here to learn more about our delicious products.

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