Fresh Date Platter from Saudi Arabia

  • Fresh Saudi Arabian dates platters consist of all date types available at the time of order
  • Local delivery only!
  • Call to customize your order! 703-745-7463
  • From $100 

The Sahara Date Difference

Dates are the fruit of the palm tree. They have been cultivated as far back as 5000 BC in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia. Sahara Dates are from Saudi Arabia, one of the World’s largest producers of dates. There are over 300 varieties of dates. Our dates are naturally sweet with no preservatives, additives. They are harvested from some of the oldest and original date farms in the World.

Our mission at Sahara Date Company is to provide the World’s Original Health Food:

Eat Real Food And Connect With The Natural World…. It's That Simple!    



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Type: Dates

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